Eliminate distractions, simplify processes, and delight patients with just one app.

If you’re currently managing your mobile team out of a spreadsheet, fifteen group chats, and an email chain with a subject line like “re: re: re: Where are you???”—Workpath is here for you.

No one becomes a healthcare provider to do spreadsheets. Our platform was specifically designed to manage mobile healthcare teams, because we understand what it’s like. Workpath puts an end to missed appointments, to techs desperately texting patients while they’re driving, and to puzzled patients calling dispatch.

6:19 am - Before the first appointment

Workpath’s simple ordering portal makes it easy for your customers to fill your queue. Need to plan appointments with multiple stops? We've got you covered with easy multi-step job support.

And intelligent lead assignment gives your techs a heads up on the jobs that are best for them. Using customizable rules, Workpath puts the right opportunities in front of the right techs—without emailing, texting, and shoulder tapping.

Features like smart route mapping and automatic and proactive status notifications eliminate guesswork (for you and your patients), while secure prep lists put supplies and important notes easily at hand alongside appointment details.

Workpath routes, communicates, plans, and administrates—so you can provide care.

11:18 am - Three appointments down

Workpath is with your team in the field all day. It puts notes and material lists at hand, routes to appointments with turn-by-turn directions, and even automatically keeps patients updated by SMS when they’re en route. Yep, automatically.

User interface showing a nurse on his way.

One single app handles everything, including document scanning. And Workpath is 100% HIPAA-compliant (unlike spreadsheets and group texts.)

Back in the office, see your team member's location and availability in realtime and full color. It all adds up to mean you and your team spend less time texting and chasing missed phone calls, and more time providing care.

Platform screenshot

Team status, communication, workflow planning, and more are all available in one tab. And Workpath's mobile app means a desk is totally optional, so you can do all the same tasks from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet.

5:41 pm - Last appointment of the day

Even though members of your team might be done for the day, Workpath isn't. While you're asleep Workpath is looking for expiring certifications and reminding your team to keep them up to date.

Workpath is also a great way to compile and act on customer feedback. Attach surveys to appointment completion emails, and post your feedback for your team and for prospective patients to see.

And Workpath happily integrates with Salesforce, AllScripts, and dozens of other tools you might already use. Put your data to good use, and easily create powerful new workflows right inside Workpath.

Integrate with what you’ve got

With Workpath at the center, you get the best of everything: a single place to manage day to day team communication and operations, and all the best platforms for payroll and customer management.

The best time is real time

Workpath’s dashboard lets you in on everything that’s happening without even having to ask. Notifications and updates are automatic and timely.

Compliance is key

Workpath is 100% HIPAA-compliant, which is more than we can say for spreadsheets and group texts. Workpath also keeps an eye on certifications and credentials, giving a heads up before they expire.

Reclaim your work from texts and emails. Make your team's working hours count. Get back to caring for your patients. That’s Workpath.